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Aqua-Vu Motorized MAV Underwater Viewing System

..... CLOSE OUT SPECIAL ..... The Aqua-Vu MAV is a fully motorized Aqua-Vu with 10.4 inch DLV-LCD, on-screen water temp and depth, 80' cable, SR lighting, and slide bracket. HOW AQUA-VU CAN HELP YOU CATCH MORE FISH!! About 40 years ago, sonar units began helping anglers "see" the ups, downs, ins, and outs of fishing structure. But let’s be up front. We didn’t see anything! We often talked about the presence of this or that structure as indicated on depthfinder dials. But we didn’t eyeball the rocks on a rock reef, the grass on a sunken island, or the root system of a submerged stump. And we never actually saw the unidentified "fish" we marked on our flashers and graphs. Modern angling pioneers like Al and Ron Lindner, Roland Martin, Gary Roach, Ted Takasaki and Dave Genz have taught millions of anglers that successful fishing depends on knowledge, not luck. What do these legendary anglers have in common? For one thing, they were fishing back when depthfinders debuted. Since then, they’ve turned decades of fishing trips into thousands of learning experiences. These days, Al, Ron, Roland, Gary, Ted and Dave insist on seeing what’s really down there! They’re learning more than ever — and finding and catching more fish! — thanks to their Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems. Whether pre-fishing for the next tournament or ice fishing for bluegills, you’ll learn more from the real picture! Aqua-Vu solves mysteries and reveals details that lead to better fishing. Here are just a few ways Aqua-Vu can help you become a more successful angler: VIEW BOTTOM TERRAIN Modern sonar units can signal changes from hard to soft bottom. But unlike Aqua-Vu, sonar fails to show transitions from tiny pebbles to 2-inch stones to 6-inch rocks. Nor can sonar identify aquatic vegetation. IDENTIFY FISH With depthfinders and graphs, "walleyes" that mark tight to the bottom could be carp or suckers. Suspended off-bite "bass" might be catfish. Aqua-Vu helps you fish for the right fish! INSPECT BRUSHPILES, STUMPS, DOCKS, AND PIERS A visual inspection of submerged roots and wood enables better-targeted casts. Prospecting around underwater dock and pier construction helps eliminate fishless spots. LOCATE PRIME WEEDLINE JUNCTIONS With Aqua-Vu you can see your way along weedline contours. Also, view clumps of vegetation, gravel spines, and other precise structure that intersects with the basic weed edge — key fish-holding magnets! PEER BENEATH VEGETATION MATS Look under matted vegetation and undercut banks to reveal fish location and openings in the weeds — advantages in planning where and how to drop a line. BETTER UNDERSTAND SONAR READINGS Simultaneous use of Aqua-Vu and sonar, two indispensable angling tools, allows you to more reliably interpret sonar readings. ENJOY NEW FUN AND LEARNING With Aqua-Vu, make the most out of your day on the water. There’s hardcore learning about rock reefs, weed beds, and how fish relate to structure. Also, discover fascinating adventure and fun in exploring the mysteries of a lake bottom and actually seeing fish in their underwater habitats. Some Aqua-Vu users enjoy "viewing" more than fishing! A surprise for some is that crystal-clear water clarity is not a requirement for effective viewing. What you see is more important than how far you see. Just 2 feet of visibility is usually sufficient for studying bottom structure.
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